Arcadia Performing Arts Academy was established in January 2018 as a part of The Arcadia Preparatory School. The inspiration for the academy sprung from the school’s guiding values of positivity and creativity. It is the school’s way of providing unique learning opportunities as well as creating a positive and happy culture within our school community.

At Arcadia Performing Arts Academy, we believe in giving our pupils the opportunity to discover their talents. In giving them the necessary training and tools to use music to channel their energies and express themselves better. With the help of our specialist teachers, we hope to create the stars of tomorrow.

We offer lessons by accomplished teachers in Piano, Drums, Violin, Dj and Guitar (acoustic and electric), in addition to vocal training. Children from year 1 and upwards can enroll for our classes and we provide the option of shared as well as individual lessons.

At Arcadia Performing Arts Academy, we are music believers turned educators. Through our academy, we will let the many benefits of music seep into the lives of our pupils.


WHY CHOOSE THE Arcadia Performing Arts Academy?


Quality training provided by highly qualified specialists

Opportunities to perform during school assemblies and events

Assistance for ABRSM, Trinity, Trinity Rock and Pop exams

Focus on pupil’s wellbeing

Convenient for parents as lessons are during school hours

Unsure about your choice of instrument? We recommend a trial session to gauge your child’s interest and passion. Invest in a 30-minute class and make an informed decision. We are here to assist you. Fill out the form to book your trials today!