Violin is a relatively smaller instrument in size, but one that produces high-pitched sounds with the power to stir the soul. Also referred to as a fiddle by some, the violin is a wooden string instrument, typically played by drawing a bow across the strings.

Although the exact year the violin was created is unknown, the modern design is believed to be over 500 years old. Italian makers such as Stradivari and Guarneri are primarily credited for this version. Violin is most prominent in the Western classical tradition, folk music, including country music, bluegrass music and in jazz, both in ensembles and as solo instruments.

Playing the violin is considered an intellectual pursuit and requires dedication and passion. It is believed that Mozart started his musical training on violin. As challenging as it is supposed to be, the violin can be taught and learned with just a little bit of extra commitment.

At Arcadia Performing Arts Academy, we have a well-rounded approach to delivering violin lessons. We offer personalised classes only during which we teach essential skills ranging from bowing to vibrato, to reading music, knowing scales, playing chords, mastering techniques and improving from mistakes.

AED 1,600/-
(Individual classes only)


(Individual classes only)



Early training in violin is believed to improve the memory


Enhances sensory abilities such as hearing, sight and touch


Self-discipline, self-esteem and awareness gained from repeated practices


Better posture, stronger upper body strength and improved motor skills


Improved dexterity aids in multi-tasking

Unsure about your choice of instrument? We recommend a trial session to gauge your child’s interest and passion. Invest in a 30-minute class and make an informed decision. We are here to assist you.