Yes, We offer both shared lessons as well as individual lessons. As you would expect, shared lessons, which will accommodate up to three students in the same age group, is less expensive and cost AED 770 per ten lessons of 30 minutes a term. Individual lessons, on the other hand, will cost you AED1,650 for ten lessons of 30 minutes per term.

Please bear in mind that fees are non-refundable as the teaching staff reserve teaching days at Arcadia based on a minimum number of students.

Yes, we also offer singing lessons.

Guitar (acoustic and electric)

Unfortunately, it is a no. The classes are meant for children of Year 1 and upwards only.

Lessons take place on the following days during the school day in liaison with class teachers to minimise academic missed time.
Sunday: Drums
Monday: Singing and Piano
Tuesday: Violin, DJ and Guitar

The Arcadia Preparatory School has dedicated facilities for training and practising music and classes are held in these dedicated teaching rooms.

Yes. This will allow your child to practice at home, which is important for making progress and excelling in the instrument. We recommend practising the instrument at least several times a week.

Should a child have a field trip or outing on the day of their lessons, the musical instrument teacher will do their best to accommodate an extra lesson in the following week. If a child is ill or fails to attend school for valid reasons on the day of their music lessons, the teacher will assist the pupil to make up for the missed session. However, this is restricted to a maximum of two lessons a term.

Music performances are held during assembly, in music classes and during the school year celebrations. In liaison with the Head of Music, children will be encouraged to participate when they are ready to perform an item. Usually, this would take a term or two of lessons.

Specialist teachers are always able to give your child that extra attention during individual lessons. However, some students, especially younger ones, may benefit from a shared class with a child who they work well with. It is best to consult our teachers about your child as they can advise you more suitably based on your child’s potential and learning requirements.

Setting aside at least two or three short 15-20 minute time slots each week, specifically dedicated to practising their instrument is important to ensure progress. Please do not let your child use their instrument as a play toy. It should be used only in the practice sessions and following the guidelines the teacher has set each week in their music books. Usually work is dated on the pages or a homework book is used. A sticker chart or reward scheme is recommended for each successful practice session.