The drum is perhaps the most famed member of the percussion group of musical instruments. It is also the world's oldest and the basic design has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. It typically consists of at least one membrane called a drumhead or drum skin that is stretched over a shell, which when struck produces sound.

It is quite literally the heartbeat of any music style as they set the pace and the tempo for the music and have the power to evoke an emotional response. That is why you will find drums in almost every genre of music, ranging from African tribal songs to Western pop hits. If that is not reason enough to learn drums, bear in mind that learning it will help you master timing after all you have to count every single beat.

At Arcadia Music Academy, our highly experienced teacher will offer lessons on reading and transcribing notes as well as concepts and techniques. We will hone pupils drumming skills over a period and also assist with the preparation for Trinity’s Rock & Pop Drums exams.

AED 2,205/-
(Individual classes only)


(Individual classes only)



Great way of de-stressing and releasing negative energy


Improves concentration and promotes intellectual development


Considered a good form of exercise


Improves co-ordination and timing


Builds confidences and creativity

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