The closest sounding instrument to the human voice, Cello is a string instrument belonging to the violin family. The younger brother of violin so to speak - albeit much larger in size - it is played in a sitting position. Its strings are C, G, D, and A producing much lower-pitched sounds than a violin. In an orchestra, it typically goes between support, harmony and sometimes melodies.

The cello is most closely associated with European classical music, but today they are all over. Think Rasputina, Apocalyptica and Zoe Keating to name a few. Cello is as good a choice of instrument as any. In fact, it said to be a little easier to master a Cello than a violin because of the natural, comfortable position the cellist takes. Bottom line: it is a matter of taste and sound, what the pupil prefers is the most important consideration.

At Arcadia Music Academy, our specialist teacher will cover all aspects of cello training: balance and coordination, bow fingers and Sensitivity, correct arm motions, vibrato, left hand, sounds and musicality. Our teachers will also offer insights on how to practice, progress and perform before an audience.

AED 2,205/-
(Individual classes only)


(Individual classes only)



Improves academic performance by boosting math and comprehension skills


Builds self-confidence and ability to work well in a team


Emotional outlet contributing to mental well-being


Increase upper body strength and promote good posture


Helps develop hand-eye coordination

Unsure about your choice of instrument? We recommend a trial session to gauge your child’s interest and passion. Invest in a 30-minute class and make an informed decision. We are here to assist you.